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Double Exposures with Seth and Pete

This is an album that spans some 1,800 plus miles across the U.S. It is the collaboration of Seth Winn and myself. He photographed people, and I made pictures of places. For a first time try, these turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. Check ’em out.












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Lookout Mountain

These are all images of Kingsland, Texas. It’s near where I work and I shot these the other day on my lunch break. I took these pictures during this last week of December, since the weather has been so mild and nice lately.

Happy New Year!

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The streets are empty

I feel bad not having updated this in quite some time. I get a nice momentum going, and then life steps in the way. Whether that step is a busy job keeping me busy during the time that I would normally be out shooting or simply having other tasks that needed attended to, it’s time to get back at it. Having this as an outlet to post images and design work, I love keeping this as up-to-date as possible.

This is a series of images that I took yesterday (Dec. 25) morning before the streets filled up with cars and traffic and the daily routine. This shows the city in a much quieter moment when the hustle of everyday life is briefly paused.

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Home on the range

Today I photographed a very nice home for an interior decorator boutique in Kingsland, Texas. The home is a waterfront property on Lyndon B. Johnson Lake and is featured in a “Parade of Homes” starting next week.

I love getting to shoot stuff like this, so I jumped on the opportunity when it was brought up. Unfortunately the only shot I didn’t get was a nice exterior shot because the front lawn and landscaping were still in the process of completion. Here are some of the images from today.

Spending a Saturday at Port Aransas, Texas

I just got back from a little road trip to Port Aransas for the day and to spend the night. It was really nice spending the time with my fiance’ and getting to photograph and swim in the gulf. I’ve never seen blue water in the Gulf of Mexico quite like this. Schools of minnow’s swam around our feet, and a few small sand sharks and trout made their way around us. Some fish jumped out of the waves, and we had fun watching the action. We even saw a few jellyfish.

After swimming for a while we took a walk up to a large fishing pier and watched the people fishing and hanging out.

All in all, it was an awesome trip and I can’t wait to go back.


Wildfires scorch the Hill Country

The hills of central Texas have been blazing with smoke and flames for the past few days. Wildfires have destroyed hundreds of homes standing on this dehydrated ground. I have been fortunate that my home (or apartment rather) has not been in the path of the hot beast. I went out and photographed some of the areas surrounding Marble Falls for the paper I work for, and these are the images mostly from the Spicewood area. Luckily the fires had been contained when I shot these.

It’s a nice morning

I’ve wanted to make some pictures from this area before, but I haven’t had the chance until this morning. This is the Pennybacker bridge or aka the Austin 360 bridge, as it spans part of Lake Travis coming into town on highway 360. I want to go back and photograph it at night because there are no lights on the bridge and it looks very nice moonlight with the cars going across.

I was glad that I woke up early today on my day off and rode the motorcycle up to this cool spot. The tree image is from the viewpoint of the bridge photo as well.

And here it is at night:

Portland, Maine: Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Here is a photo essay of my trip to Portland, Maine this past weekend. I went to photograph a wedding, and these are the images from trekking around the city the day before the main event. It was over-cast and foggy much of the time I was there, but I like the way these images turned out with the soft light.

This is the view from my hotel window on the ninth floor. It looked like this every morning.

This a plate of apple fritters and a mimosa served for brunch after the rehearsal for the wedding Saturday morning. I also had a delicious spinach and goat cheese frittata.

All the rest of the images are from walking around and shooting the daily happenings of Memorial Day weekend in Portland.

And lastly, this is a view of the hotel I stayed in, the Eastland in downtown Portland. The circle is marking my room.

Austin Time Lapse

I love time lapse photography and this is a little project I did using Austin as my subject.

Columbus, Ohio, circa 2005: nothing in particular

I just found a disk of images that I hadn’t really been looking for, but now that I’ve found them I’m glad of it. These are images of a day that I spent shooting while I lived in Columbus, Ohio. I would often go out and just shoot to shoot and bring back home some nice images to work with. Take a look and enjoy.