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Double Exposures with Seth and Pete II

Here is the second installment of our “People and Places” project. This time Seth was on places duty while I made pictures of people. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy putting the whole thing together.














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Bobby Bare Jr. in South Austin

Bobby Bare Jr. is on a house-party tour now traveling across the country. I was lucky enough to go to the show that he played in Austin, and in fact the show was just down from my house.

I have seen Bobby play before, but it was at a much bigger venue and many more people. That is the great thing about this type of show; it’s such an intimate experience for the listener and the interaction between artist and fan is he held in a dining room instead of a warehouse.

These are the best images that I shot, and I hope you like them too.

Cheers to Bobby Bare Jr.

Bob Log III plays the Mohawk, Austin, Texas

The Mohawk books great bands. Or, at least I think so. Last night was no different in that I got to see a show that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, Bob Log III. It was a great show – tons of energy, packed with people and friends to share it with. I wish that I would have been just a little closer to the stage, but since I’m 6’4, I don’t like to block people behind me. So here are a few shots from Bob Log III playing the Mohawk.

This is actually one of the opening bands. Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout.

This is Bob Log III starting the show by walking through the crowd. He’s saying hello to my friends Dave and Katie.

The man himself.

Here is a heavy-duty inflatable boat / raft that people were tossing around. I thought it might take down some of the overhead lighting. Security was not impressed.

Overall it was a great show and I can’t wait to get the chance to see him again.

Recent work with Rooted Austin

This is some of the work that I’ve done with Rooted Austin within the last few months. Look at the full stories here

*R.L.’s story was produced with my photography and images from Cassandra Adamson.

We Are Hex at Elysium, SXSW 2011

I had the pleasure of shooting We Are Hex last night at Elysium in Austin for SXSW 2011. It was a short show so not a ton of images, but I think that these turned out well.

Scott Biram kills it at Emo’s

So last Friday night I had the chance to see a show I’ve wanted to see for a long time, Scott Biram playing live. Biram plays this old 1930s style dirty delta blues, but all originals and it’s oh-so-good. A couple other bands opened up for him, but I only caught one called Black Eyed Vermillion who were really good too. It has really been nice moving to Austin and having all of this live music around. I miss being able to play with the fella’s I left back in Indiana a lot, but going to shows like this makes up for it a little.

Here are some images from the night; the first few are Black Eyed Vermillion, and the rest are Scott Biram.

If you ever have the chance to go see this guy do it. He rules so hard.

Black Eyed Vermillion:

Scott Biram:

So this couple was just getting their picture taken in front of Biram while he was playing and I think it turned out nice.

Ween comes to the Vogue

I got to see one of my favorite bands a few days ago, and they did not disappoint. Ween played for more than two hours in a venue that holds no more than a few hundred people, and performed many of the songs that my friends and I wanted to hear. With Dean up there killing it on the guitar and Gene right beside him singing songs like Johnny On The Spot and Spinal Meningitis, the evening was chock-full of songs off of most all of their albums.

I’ve only been able to see them once before, and this show was definitely better than the last. Indianapolis gave the kind of response to a live show that would make anybody want to trade places with whomever was on stage that night.  Lucky for me I’m tall and was able to bring my camera in, and got some really nice pictures.

Check it out:

Springfest 2010

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to photograph a three-day music festival playing host to a variety of national and local bands.  Music ranged from bluegrass bands to experimental rock music held on three separate stages.  It was a great time, and being able to go for free because of being with the media isn’t such a bad thing either.

The scene looked something like this:  Sounds of live music, crackling fires between near and far off conversations from people camping at the Waterbowl in Muncie, Indiana. Here are a few images that I like the best.

Catch Curtis

The grounds

Click here to see an audio slide show of Friday’s (the first night) festivities.

Wooden Boxes and The Bears of Blue River play the Civic

Last week I photographed two bands that I hadn’t seen yet, but I really like their music and loved being able to capture them. The Muncie Civic Theater is a local venue for live plays and different acts by community groups, the university, and local musicians.

Because the Civic is feeling the crunch of the present state of the economy, they hosted the event and part of the proceeds from the show went to benefit the theater. I’d never been inside the Civic before, and like I’d anticipated, the old feeling of the decor and general atmosphere made for some nice shots. Here they are.

Wooden Boxes:

The Bears of Blue River:

And here’s a link to an audio slide show that I did of the show for the Daily News

The Bonesetters

The Bonesetters are a newer band in the Muncie area, and I’ve had the pleasure of being able to photograph them a couple of times now. These shots are from the latest shoot; when they were doing some recording and overdubbing on their forthcoming EP. They are really nice guys, and I think the photos turned out well showing them in their natural form. Hope you like them, and if you every hear of them playing you should definitely check them out. So here they are.