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Exotics Racing

This is an image of a Mercedes SLC AMG racing around the track at Exotics Racing here in Vegas. I had the great opportunity of covering this local business and attraction for an upcoming assignment for the magazine I work for. I’ve got more to post, but they’re on my computer at work. This was one of my favorites that I stayed late to make pictures of because I’ve always had loved the Mercedes style.


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Indianapolis Motor Speedway: How about that

A million people all around.  Funny hats, extremely loud noise, and beer cans, both full and crushed completely absorb any ground that might be underneath.  This is the scene of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in late May 2010.  I hadn’t been to the track since I was a youngster with my dad maybe fifteen years ago, and this year, somehow, I managed to go twice.

The first of my visits was a reunion between my pop, the track and myself, and the second being with my pal Evan Himelick.  My dad and I went down two weeks before the race (which is actually happening as I type), and watched some of the cars practice and get tuned up to what hopefully would put them in the front of the pack come race day.

The second visit came by chance as I got two free VIP Carb Day passes.  These were courtesy of another really good friend, Matt Krieble.  This also included me being able to witness ZZ Top playing live. Pretty cool.

Both of these days were great for taking good shots, and getting to hang out with my dad was also one of the huge highlights.  We don’t get to spend time like that together to often anymore, and I enjoy the time that we do.

Moving on to the pictures: Here are some of the images from the two days.