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Halloween Parade, Downtown Las Vegas, 2012

Halloween just about anywhere is pretty fun in my opinion. And of course, Las Vegas does it their own special way just like everything else about this town. These are a selection of images from the parade held on the special night of the 31st. Thanks for looking.

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Blurred Out

I did a series like this in college, and I’ve been wanting to play around with completely blurring the image and doing something similar again.  This is a small sample of what is to come.






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Bob Log III plays the Mohawk, Austin, Texas

The Mohawk books great bands. Or, at least I think so. Last night was no different in that I got to see a show that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, Bob Log III. It was a great show – tons of energy, packed with people and friends to share it with. I wish that I would have been just a little closer to the stage, but since I’m 6’4, I don’t like to block people behind me. So here are a few shots from Bob Log III playing the Mohawk.

This is actually one of the opening bands. Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout.

This is Bob Log III starting the show by walking through the crowd. He’s saying hello to my friends Dave and Katie.

The man himself.

Here is a heavy-duty inflatable boat / raft that people were tossing around. I thought it might take down some of the overhead lighting. Security was not impressed.

Overall it was a great show and I can’t wait to get the chance to see him again.

2011 Marble Falls Drag Boat Races

Wow, do these boats move! And I mean fast! This is LakeFest at Marble Falls, Texas.

I’d never had the chance to shoot something like this before, and I wanted to take full advantage of this unique opportunity. I had press credentials from the paper I work for to get a closer view than the rest of the crowd and was able to get right on the edge of the water.

This is just like drag racing on an asphalt track (which I have never been to either), but instead is on an open body of water. This event marked the 20th year for the races to fall upon the city of Marble Falls in central Texas. The boats are put in separate classes and race each other accordingly with the “Top Fuel” class leading the excitement with speeds above 250 mph.

A world record was set while I was there shooting and I got a few nice shots of it happening. The boat “Problem Child” driven by Daryl Ehrlich set the record of going 1,000 feet in 3.39 seconds at a speed of 261mph. Damn.

Here are the images:

Not only does everyone have an interest in fast boats at this event, everyone drives a truck. This is Texas after all.

This is the boat and driver that beat the previous record to make the world record in Top Hydro Fuel category. Daryl Erlich driving “Problem Child.”

Portland, Maine: Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Here is a photo essay of my trip to Portland, Maine this past weekend. I went to photograph a wedding, and these are the images from trekking around the city the day before the main event. It was over-cast and foggy much of the time I was there, but I like the way these images turned out with the soft light.

This is the view from my hotel window on the ninth floor. It looked like this every morning.

This a plate of apple fritters and a mimosa served for brunch after the rehearsal for the wedding Saturday morning. I also had a delicious spinach and goat cheese frittata.

All the rest of the images are from walking around and shooting the daily happenings of Memorial Day weekend in Portland.

And lastly, this is a view of the hotel I stayed in, the Eastland in downtown Portland. The circle is marking my room.

We Are Hex at Elysium, SXSW 2011

I had the pleasure of shooting We Are Hex last night at Elysium in Austin for SXSW 2011. It was a short show so not a ton of images, but I think that these turned out well.


This past weekend was pretty swell. It included serving enchilada’s while wearing a fake mustache at work, and being able to photograph the madness of downtown Austin, Texas during Halloween – which I soon found out is one of the most beloved holidays in the capital city.

My camera that I normally shoot with is in the shop for repair, so I’ve been shooting with my first DSLR. This baby still rocks it, just on a much slower pace. I actually kind of enjoyed shooting with it as it made me less reliant on the computer part of the camera and made me get back to focusing on making the best images that I could. I’ve always been under the school of thought that it isn’t what camera you have, but rather what you can do with what you’ve got.

So here are some of my favorite images from the night that people let it all hang out. Literally.

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The Beauty and the Beach

Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to Galveston, Texas to enjoy the sand and the salty water of the Gulf of Mexico. Some worry went in to whether oil would be in the water or if the ding-dong’s who made the mess had sufficiently cleaned it up. There was no oil, but it was very hazy as ozone levels were very high and the late-August sun shined down on the coast of Texas. We had a good time, and I would recommend going if you have the chance. As we stayed longer through the day, the beach got busier and we decided to leave, but not before I took my camera out a couple of times to get some images to put on here.

I’ve been shooting quite a bit lately, not quite as much as I would like, but I’ve had this desire to make everything black and white. I think that the beach is one environment that people don’t normally see black and white images come from, so here you go.

Stewart Beach, Galveston, Texas

Thanks for reading!

Everybody is gettin’ hitched…

I’ve wanted to put some of my wedding photography up here for some time now, and finally I’ve gotten to it. These are some shots from some weddings that I’ve shot from this summer and last. Every party is different, and I have to say that each one that I shoot I learn something new and can put to use a new technique or solution to a problem. This is the point I think, and I never want to stop feeling that there is always something to gain from new experiences.

So take a look!


Scott Biram kills it at Emo’s

So last Friday night I had the chance to see a show I’ve wanted to see for a long time, Scott Biram playing live. Biram plays this old 1930s style dirty delta blues, but all originals and it’s oh-so-good. A couple other bands opened up for him, but I only caught one called Black Eyed Vermillion who were really good too. It has really been nice moving to Austin and having all of this live music around. I miss being able to play with the fella’s I left back in Indiana a lot, but going to shows like this makes up for it a little.

Here are some images from the night; the first few are Black Eyed Vermillion, and the rest are Scott Biram.

If you ever have the chance to go see this guy do it. He rules so hard.

Black Eyed Vermillion:

Scott Biram:

So this couple was just getting their picture taken in front of Biram while he was playing and I think it turned out nice.