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Exotics Racing

This is an image of a Mercedes SLC AMG racing around the track at Exotics Racing here in Vegas. I had the great opportunity of covering this local business and attraction for an upcoming assignment for the magazine I work for. I’ve got more to post, but they’re on my computer at work. This was one of my favorites that I stayed late to make pictures of because I’ve always had loved the Mercedes style.


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Spending a Saturday at Port Aransas, Texas

I just got back from a little road trip to Port Aransas for the day and to spend the night. It was really nice spending the time with my fiance’ and getting to photograph and swim in the gulf. I’ve never seen blue water in the Gulf of Mexico quite like this. Schools of minnow’s swam around our feet, and a few small sand sharks and trout made their way around us. Some fish jumped out of the waves, and we had fun watching the action. We even saw a few jellyfish.

After swimming for a while we took a walk up to a large fishing pier and watched the people fishing and hanging out.

All in all, it was an awesome trip and I can’t wait to go back.


Perfect Saturday

The entire week before this weekend has been a long one at work. I just wanted to go for a long ride on the motorcycle and take some pictures. I’ve been working on these ads at work for local home construction and building companies for an upcoming tab, and some of them have very nice photography. It gave me the itch to go out and shoot more than usual to get something good.

I have heard that RM 1431 is a nice ride to take a motorcycle down, and it turns out this is a GREAT road for a motorcycle. There are tons of twists, turns and hills. My camera, bike and myself saddled up and off we went into the Texas countryside. I found this dried creek bed, Cow Creek, and got down into it. These images are all from there.

Just before I started my hike, these bikers took off out of side road where I had parked.

No Mas Agua

The water is going away, and fast. For anybody living in central Texas, they can tell you first hand that there has been little to zero rainfall in weeks. Predictions are saying this might be the worst drought since the 1950’s.

Everyday I go to work I cross a large bridge covering the Perdenales River bed. It’s just the bed though, as all but a tiny amount of water trickles down the vast space. These images are from the top of the bridge along highway 71 between Austin and Marble Falls, Texas. It’s a sad sight to see the boat docks sitting in the dirt where they used to float proud in the water. There are large homes lining the river canyon walls that had a great view of a flowing river that now look over a dry bed of rocks and dirt.

It’s only the end of June, and the next few months prove only to expect more heat and dry weather. Hopefully rain will come and the fish and wildlife dependent on the water will have their normal lives returned soon.

Portland, Maine: Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Here is a photo essay of my trip to Portland, Maine this past weekend. I went to photograph a wedding, and these are the images from trekking around the city the day before the main event. It was over-cast and foggy much of the time I was there, but I like the way these images turned out with the soft light.

This is the view from my hotel window on the ninth floor. It looked like this every morning.

This a plate of apple fritters and a mimosa served for brunch after the rehearsal for the wedding Saturday morning. I also had a delicious spinach and goat cheese frittata.

All the rest of the images are from walking around and shooting the daily happenings of Memorial Day weekend in Portland.

And lastly, this is a view of the hotel I stayed in, the Eastland in downtown Portland. The circle is marking my room.

From Texas to Maine

I’m in Portland, Maine for the Memorial Day weekend shooting the wedding of one of my former professors. It’s a nice change of pace, and it’s nice being on the coast. I love the east coast, and being able to have the local fare of sea food and brew I’m having a very nice time.

Here’s how far I am from home: More than 2,000 miles

More images to come!

Austin Time Lapse

I love time lapse photography and this is a little project I did using Austin as my subject.

Living the dream(land)

Today I have the day off and decided to go for a ride. Along the way I saw a nice little creek with a trail to get down to the sheet rock embankment, so I parked my bike next to this tree and went down. I took this before I left.

We Are Hex at Elysium, SXSW 2011

I had the pleasure of shooting We Are Hex last night at Elysium in Austin for SXSW 2011. It was a short show so not a ton of images, but I think that these turned out well.

Fat Tuesday, Austin Style

Austinites really know how to party. I went downtown to Sixth street last night to document the happenings of Fat Tuesday. People packed the street and loud rhythmic drum beats and music came out of the front doors and open windows of the many bars and restaurants lining the thoroughfare. Police stood guard and watched as the mass of people moved from place to place stopping to trade beads for quick glimpses of some women showing their chests for the shiny reward. Bright lights, the aroma’s of food vendors on the street and the smell of alcohol permeated the air as people continued to celebrate into the early morning hours. These images are from about midnight until 1:45am.

Hopefully it won’t take me as long to update this in the future!