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Nevada Livin’

This is a short time lapse video that I put together playing around with Adobe Premier and the color curves function.


Death Valley National Park

I have the pleasure of living about 2 hours outside of Death Valley National Park. This makes for a great shooting environment all different times of year. So far, within the last 2 months I have gone twice. Here are some of the images that I’ve gotten while in the Californian desert lands.

And here is a shot of me standing on the edge of Dante’s View.

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Marble Falls, Texas

This is where I drive to everyday an hour outside of Austin. It is the small town of Marble Falls. Population < 7,000.

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Austin Skyline and the moon

On my way home from work last night the moon was really hanging low in the sky. I decided that I wanted to get a nice shot of the Austin skyline with the moon behind it, and here is what I got.

Spring forward

Things are happening in my life that are exciting right now. I’m getting married, trying to start an online publication and I get to do it all in the great city of Austin, Texas. This post isn’t anything important really, but I liked this picture that I shot this morning on my way from riding my bike downtown.

20,000 feet and beyond

In the last two weeks I’ve traveled back and forth from Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and back to Texas. Reasons for the trip include a wedding of my good friends in Columbus, Ohio. Also, my mother has been sick recently and I wanted to see her and my family. It was quite a time, visiting with many people who I hadn’t seen since I moved to Texas almost three months ago and others whom I hadn’t seen in years. This is really just a post showing some of the pictures that I took of the trip in the various airports and people watching.

All the images I took on my cell phone, and am happy with how they turned out. I know that the over-processing look is annoying sometimes, but I think it works well for this application. It’s easier to get dynamic images from a small camera on my phone than it is carrying my DSLR. Enjoy.

Waiting for my first flight at six-something am, parts of the Austin airport were dead and some were quite busy. The parts where I was sitting and waiting were mostly slow except for the security area but I didn’t want to start taking pictures there. It’s a slow enough process as is.

Heading to a wedding the day after I flew to Indiana, I had to bring my suit. I don’t like to check my luggage and I didn’t bring a bag big enough to carry my finest threads so I had to wear it while traveling. There were many “Hello Mr. Gaunt, how are you today?” being thrown around.

Once I boarded the plane in Austin it was a short flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Watching the sunrise over the Texas horizon isn’t too bad of a view either.

So now here I am sitting in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport waiting on my connecting flight to Indianapolis. I saw a nice juxtaposition and thought I would try to capture it. A woman wearing a traditional Burka and a United States military man. I suppose seeing these two people isn’t that uncommon in airports, but I don’t see this all that often.

This is where the trip home starts. I told you that this post is merely about the traveling aspect of my trip. Specifically flying, so don’t be upset that you don’t get to see images of my friends and myself having fun.

The shadows in the Indianapolis airport coming in through the huge glass window panes made for some nice shots. These are more abstract in nature, but that’s why I like them.

This guy stood out to me because of the color of his shirt compared to the color of everything around him. He actually ended up sitting next to me on the flight, and talked to someone on his cellphone about “spending New Year’s in Las Vegas only after I get home from Spain with Katie.”

There was a very playful little boy with his mother that was curious about everything. He was all smiles, and let me take his picture.

Once aboard the flight back to Texas I took some pictures of things that I had seen the entire time while traveling. Sky Mall never fails to impress with items that some people must purchase or else they wouldn’t make the cut, nevertheless I like to look.

So there you have it. My trip back to the midwest without actually seeing any pictures of anything but airports and the like. I think sometimes seeing it like this gives a nice perspective on what it is you’re trying to see in the first place.

New Portraits

On Saturday I was asked to help with my friend Becca’s project for her magazine class at school, so I obliged and turned out with some decent stuff. I’m still on this kick of making my pictures have this sort-of nostalgic feel to them as far as the color and saturation go. I just really like the way that an old photo looks when you pull it out of that shoe box in your closet, and the blues and reds have faded down to what maybe the memory looks like in your mind.

We had fun for a couple of hours downtown shooting these, and hopefully you enjoy them too.


Just a little portrait

I’m really wanting to do an entire series of portraits like this, and after shooting this one last night I think that I will. If I can do maybe 10 or 12 images like this, I will be happy. Keep posted.

Winters’ Abandonment

Today I felt like going out and photographing buildings and structures that have been left for dead or close to it. I found a house that I was somewhat concerned that squatters might be living in, but fortunately all the windows for the most part had been shattered and there wouldn’t be much warmth for anyone seeking shelter. I also drove down to one of the industrial bureaus that Muncie offers and made some exposures there. Overall, I was pretty pleased with how everything turned out today and I’m glad I grabbed my camera before going on my would-be-rather-boring trip of running errands around town. I’ve really been wanting to shoot more black and white lately, so the this type of shooting lends itself toward that in my opinion. Take a peek, and decide for yourself.

Here is the inside of an abandoned home near Seventh Street and Walnut Street. I thought the inside of the house with the natural light coming in through the windows made for really nice textures and feel.

The entrance to the home was completely shattered and overgrown with small trees and branches that had poked through where the glass would’ve been.

I’m not sure what room this is. Maybe this is the living room or perhaps a looking into a bedroom. There are so many stories that this structure could tell, but it’s now in tatters.

Shattered glass and broken windows are something I like to photograph. I’m not entirely sure why, but I think it might be from when I was younger and like to cause mischief like this myself. Now I can still document it, but l get to look at it from a slightly different perspective.

A mask of a skeleton on the floor of one of the small rooms in the house. There weren’t too many items inside that could date any people being in the home, except this mask and a few beer and soda cans lying on the floor.

Textures are always really neat in a building that has been left to rot in the face of nature’s elements. Wallpaper peels, paint cracks and floor boards start to show the inner skeleton of what is still holding the building together.

Not the front of the home from above, but another property left for someone to either forget about or start doing some serious renovations on.

The street sign on the pole is barely holding on, and I feel like that’s what this place is saying too. When industry leaves a small town that so many of its population worked for, hard times aren’t far around the corner.

Sometimes it’s not what is in an image that makes it.

The only color image of the day, but I like it because the tones are very muted and it really shows what today looked like. Winter in Indiana can be dreary, you just have to know where to look.